WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need

This is the last week of Phase One of The De-Stress Diet, the last week you’ll be in the Transition Phase before you move into the True Change Plan. Hopefully by now you are seeing the smoke clear and feeling better energy, mood and motivation. If you’ve been using the Progress Chart and prioritising reducing stress hormones and responses with lifestyle changes, you have probably gained some great insight into what suits you. This is an important week to really pay attention to the changes that make you feel better and the habits you can see might creep in when stressed to take into Phase Two.

You may be experiencing some effects from changes in diet and lifestyle that need some help to relieve discomfort. You’ve been making changes that will release many toxins and change your digestive environment, so to help support these processes in the most beneficial ways, see the following sections and ensure that you are taking the time and care to help yourself through this time:

Natural Detoxification page 70
Keep on Moving page 72
Realistic, Steady, Lifelong Change page 73

Your Week 3 De-Stress Support Package

Podcast of the week:

Solutions to Nutritional Obstacles:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet discuss how to live The De-Stress Diet in the real world and find balance in the face of common issues. Running time: 8.21

De-Stress tools that may be of particular help at this time:

Classic Food Diary – it may suit you to fill in exactly what you have been eating for a few days to see any areas where you may not have noticed the sugar creeping in or habits you can use to plan meals and recover times better. This can particularly help in this last week of Phase 1 when you are really looking to understand yourself and what suits you to take in to Phase 2.
Breathing audios with Charlotte Watts – if you haven’t found taking time to breathe easy, you may need some dedicated help with this important De-Stress component.

Recipe of the Week: Spiced Chicken & Vegetable Soup

This spiced-up classic dish is particularly easy on the digestion and healing to the gut, with all the warming nutrients easily absorbed and highly satisfying – a great antidote to any sugar cravings hanging around. Use beans (like black, pinto or cannellini) if vegetarian and slow cook as outlined in Chapter Six of The De-Stress Diet.


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