WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings

You’re entering the second week of the Transition phase of The De-Stress Diet now and depending on the level of change you have had to – or decided – to make, you may be either feeling the full brunt of sugar withdrawal or happily paddling towards new and easy energy levels. Don’t worry if you’re the former, we’re all different and the positive effects are around the corner. If doing The De-Stress Diet with a friend or partner, it is important to support each other, but not compare too much – look how different you are on the outside and imagine the permutations on the inside!

If you are struggling and wondering if this is really worth it, be heartened – it is. These feelings are proof-positive of the profound effects of sugar and its addictive potential. This week we’ve included an extra podcast and daily tips to give you the tools to feel like you can take control. Also, focus on the lifestyle factors that help your body balance the hormones and brain chemicals that can become out-of-whack by stress and sugar.

Come back to the following sections in The De-Stress Diet to find the solutions that suit you:

Troubleshooting: Weeks 1–3 page 63
Possible Side Effects page 70
Sugar-craving Solutions page 73
Best Sweet Alternatives page 147

Your Week 2 – De-Stress Support Package

Podcast of the week:

Fitness the De-Stress Way:  

Our Fitness Consultant Charlene Hutsebaut chats to The De-Stress Diet co-author Anna Magee about the important benefits of smart not hard exercise.   Running time: 10.33 

Extra: Expert Chat Podcast:

Sweet Cravings:

Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee, authors of The De-Stress Diet discuss the important matter of how you can be in control, instead of being at the whim of constant cravings. Running time: 8.21

De-Stress tools that may be of particular help at this time:

Revisit the lifestyle chapters; the more you are kind to yourself and use your body in the way nature intended, the more in control and able to cope with cravings you will feel:

The New Mind–Body Movement page 163
Calm for Life page 190

Recipe of the Week: Egg & Broccoli Stir-fry

This veggie dish has great protein from the eggs and can be the basis of any stir-fry as outlined in Chapter Six of The De-Stress Diet. Learn the art of the quick stir-fry and you’ll always feel confident in rustling a quick, healthy dish from those lost veg lurking in the bottom of the fridge.

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