WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings   
Day 9 – Remember your Sugar-craving Solutions

Tip: Stocking up on the foods that satisfy sweet cravings without upsetting blood sugar levels is like providing yourself with a safety net when taking the sugar-free plunge.

Why: Use the advice on pages 73-74 of The De-Stress Diet to shop for foods such as coconut, ground almond, cinnamon and fruit purees that can satisfy sweet cravings and actually have properties that can help the way we handle and respond to sugars. Find your best personal snack foods – like snack bars from health food shops – that incorporate these and have to hand for when needed.

Why: This advice isn’t just for initial sugar weaning but needs to be remembered for times when stress strikes and old conditioned habits like sugar for comfort quickly surface. Having a supply of ‘damage limitation’ options can help us going off into the sugar zone and feeling regret later.


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