WEEK 1 – Welcome to Your De-Stress Journey
DAY 7 – Organic Box Schemes

Tip:  Having your fresh produce delivered means it is ready in your kitchen to help you get used to the convenience of throwing together a quick stir-fry, salad or stew.

How:  There are many box schemes available across the country with ranges that suit your budgets and preferences in terms of ethical shopping, delivery and convenience:

  1. National companies like Abel and Cole that also sell other goods and a larger network can mean they deliver to more areas.

  2. Local farms delivery services can source produce more locally and in season, so less travel miles used and the excitement of cooking with what turns up. A great way to connect back to nature, especially if you can’t get to farmer’s market or long to have your own vegetable patch. Click here to find one in your area.

  3. Pick a company or talk to your farm about being able to choose the produce that suits your needs on The De-Stress Diet. It is not helpful for you to be left with a big box of spuds and parsnips in the winter, but this is a good time for plenty of hearty green leafy veg.
  4. See the Soil Association Guide to eating organically on a budget  – most helpful!

Why:  There is a different attitude to food created when local produce in season turns up on your doorstep. Rather than cooking the same old thing over again, you can start to get more creative about what to do about that new kind of green leaf you’ve never heard of before.


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