WEEK 7 – Taking Your De-Stress Diet Onwards…
DAY 43 – Congratulate Yourself!


You’ve made it this far, and we hope you are looking slimmer and feeling calmer and inspired to carry on.

Tip:  Try psychologist Dr Rob Yeung’s quick self-esteem booster to help mark how well you’ve done., The author of the book Confidence: The Power to Take Control and Live the Life You Want (Prentice Hall Life 2011) says ‘Take 15 minutes to jot down a list of your achievements in life and the qualities you admire about yourself.  Think laterally – they could be work achievements but they could also be about being someone’s mother, wife or best friend.  Keep the list in a safe place and re-read it when you feel down’.

How:  Take your journal and write about all the things you have achieved on the last six weeks of The De-Stress Diet.  If you have had the odd slip-up, ignore it. It doesn’t matter, you got back on your Slim and Calm lifestyle and for that, we salute you.

Why:  It doesn’t matter how much or little you have achieved, if you’re still with us on day 43 you have lots to celebrate; changes must come at the right level for where you are in your life right now and looking at what you haven’t done is yet another source of psycho-social ‘bad stress’.  Over time, the more you practice the tools and systems in The De-Stress Diet at your own pace and in your own way, the more they will become second nature and the more effortless they will seem.  This is the beginning of a delicious journey to Slim and Calm for you.  We hope that in 12 months’ time you can teach us a thing or two.

Charlotte, Anna and Charlene


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