WEEK 6 – Reflecting on What Works For You
DAY 41 – Planting Motivational Anchors For The Future

Tip:  Now is the time to contemplate how you will keep these nutritional habits, rest periods, exercise routines, yoga practice and spontaneous movement a regular part of your life forever.

How:  Let’s tap into how great you’ve been feeling this past 6 weeks. This is the feeling you need to anchor (as coaches will say) and draw upon when, if ever, you feel de-motivated.  Remember the feelings of vitality, energy and confidence that working out, walking or moving in whatever ways you’ve found bring out in you. Write these down, making clear emotional and physical links to how you feel during, after and as a result. Do this in whichever way you know will motivate the future you that might have lost their way:

  • Write a letter to yourself saying why it is the better choice to pick up again, however simply that needs to be to start.
  • Make a clear list of anything practical you know will help; shopping list for a particular store, times of favourite yoga or dance classes, activities you love.
  • Write any affirmations that will help at this time – positive statements that you can use to reinforce that only better quality of life, health and enjoyment come from looking after yourself. Phrases like ‘I feel clear-headed and in control when I don’t eat sugar’ or ‘I feel happy about my body when I exercise regularly’ can have a profound effect and this is the time to write them; when you absolutely know that they are true. This can help enormously when you feel less connected to these feelings.

Why:  We will try and help you all we can, but ultimately it is only you who can keep up those eating, lifestyle, movement and fitness habits. This is how you will continue these feelings through your life choices today and into the future.  You’ve made these choices and feelings a reality in the past six weeks so it is logical that you can do this moving forward, especially when you can remember how good it made you feel.


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