WEEK 1 – Welcome to Your De-Stress Journey
DAY 4 – Practice your 10 Deep Breaths

Tip: If you’ve started your De-Stress Diet actions before finishing the whole book, you may not have read the Calm for Life chapter and the 10 Deep Breaths recommendation on page 195. This can be a key daily focus for helping relieve the stresses that can trap you in craving cycles.

How: Ssee the full instructions on page 195 of the book, but it is simply about consciously watching your breath over 10 or so breaths; even 3 or 4 can make a difference when you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a stress state. A few deeper inhalations to prompt deep calming exhalations can help reset disordered shallow breathing and give you the space to calm down.

Why: Checking in with your breath and making a conscious stop to be in the present can have a profound effect on how we view and cope with life. The more we do this, the more our brains can come down from habits of constant alert and we can operate from a place of calm, reasoned decision-making.


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