WEEK 6 – Reflecting on What Works For You
DAY 39 – Ditching a long-term habit

Tip:  We very easily get stuck in ruts of behaviour if we’re not paying attention, we all know that mindless TV marathon or glass of wine to relax habit isn’t totally healthy………but what if we were to give up? Yours might be video games or a Twitter habit, but the considerations are the same, we need to take a look at things that can sap our energy and truly being in the present.

How:  This isn’t necessarily something you are ready to consider now but it certainly makes interesting food for thought. The De-Stress Diet co-author Anna Magee recently did two personal experiments which you can read at her blog:

Why:  Because constantly evaluating, changing and adapting – and wanting to feel good – is what can keep us from just slumping into a constant cycle of draining coping behaviour patterns. We may think these things help us cope, but are they the very factors that are sapping our energy?

Do let us know of any experiences you have had where your perception turned on its head and you discovered quality of life improving when you gave up something you thought you couldn’t live without.


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