WEEK 6 – Reflecting on What Works For You
DAY 38 – Adding To The De-Stress Strength-training Routine

Tip:  Last week we recommended you add a set to each of your Strength-training exercises (page 169 of The De-Stress Diet).  Keep those going and this week you can add a bit more weight.

How:  If you were using 4kg dumbbells then take yourself up to 5kg.  If you were using 500ml water bottles then increase to either 750ml or 1 litre, as long as you can hold those in your hands. You get the idea, it’s the new point where you can feel the resistance as your old weight level has probably stopped challenging your muscles by now.

Why:  As we said last week the body physically adjusts quickly to stimulus, so you need change to continue improving to provide the good stress that muscle needs to keep strengthening. You can now keep the sets and weight like this for the next 4-5 weeks.  At that point you’ll need another stimulus.  Perhaps a new activity, different exercises, a different type of routine – also see the extra De-Stress fitness sequences online for a new routine.


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