WEEK 6 – Reflecting on What Works For You
DAY 36 – Restoration through food 

Tip:  As well as the lifestyle considerations in this week’s podcast The Power of Restoration we can also look at whether our food choices provide restoration via nourishment or instead rob us of energy as ‘empty calories’ or those that upset blood sugar balance and energy regulation.

How:  A good tool to help keep you away from easy quick-fixes and remember which foods are to be put in the ‘treats’ category; we can ask the question of anything we put in our mouths – does this nourish or deplete? Go back to the guidelines in the 6 Week Plan or Snacks and Drinks chapters in The De-Stress Diet if you need some back-up with the explanations that always support motivation. We don’t always remember why we are doing something and some of need to reconnect with that to keep on track.

Why:  Restoring your body fully is about giving it a rest from the things that drain it. Sugar and stimulants give quick surges that are like using up energy designated to last over a period of time in a really short time. This can be followed by low energy after the initial high because it was stolen earlier!


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