WEEK 5 – Lifestyle Check
Day 35 – Shopping List Personalisation

Tip: Having handy shopping lists of foods that work for you is one of the most useful tools to prepare for future times of stress.

How: With modern technology, creating reminders of the foods available to help you feel your best can be much easier. Even if you don’t shop online, you can record brands of foods you buy regularly or favourite healthy convenience food for times when you need to get back on track. An easy tip is to create a saved shopping list on a supermarket website and arrange a delivery – even if one-off – for the day you arrive back from a work trip, holiday or busy working week. Lists like these can even be printed off when needed to take along to the shops with a clear guide.

Why: If we are under stress, a trip to the supermarket can end in disaster if we are led by what we see we like or want, rather than what we remember we need. A clear list made at a time when you were connected to what makes you feel good can produce better results than aimlessly wandering at the whim of your impulses!


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