WEEK 5 – Lifestyle Check
DAY 34 – stepping up the movement

Tip:  This is a great week to try a new activity or add an extra set to your DSD exercises.

How:  Choose another activity that appeals to you. See page 168 of The De-Stress Diet for the section Determining Your Fitness Levels to see how to move up to the right level for you and add that to each of your DSD exercises.  You’ll be ready for this increase at this point as your energy is coming back up and your body will be stronger. Walk that extra block, swim those extra laps – you may be surprised at how easily you have adapted but also be mindful not to let ambition take you to a level where you don’t feel rejuvenated after a session.

Why:  The body physically adjusts quickly to stimulus so you need change to continue improving. This can also keep you aware if the activities you have been doing are not challenging you in that ‘good stress’ way enough to keep your body responding in the optimum way. Remeber, you don’t need to be exercising for hours to get benefits; doing lots across the day has more effect on your metabolism and two minutes running up and down the stairs five times a day has shown to significantly boost fitness over an eight-week period.


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