WEEK 5 – Lifestyle Check
DAY 31 – Haven’t Found Your Exercise Niche?

Tip:  Keep searching for the movement that suits you – it is out there, even if it you haven’t quite clicked yet.

How:  Don’t just keep bashing away at the old stuff that didn’t work for you, look for inspiration as there are a whole host of things you haven’t tried:

  • Think about things that have inspired you in the past – volleyball on holiday, golf with friends, ballet when you were young, dancing like a mad thing in discos…..think outside the gym box
  • Plan a lunch or dinner with your girlfriends with the intention of picking each other’s brains about what exercise they do and enjoy. There may just be an activity someone mentions which you hadn’t thought of and it’s great fun to go along to new things – even when they’re not for you long-term, you’ve done some movement in the trying!
  • Do a web search planning session.  Sit with your computer for a half hour and search your area around home or work for different activities that may have caught your fancy in the past.  Are they offered close to you, are they easily accessible? But most of all, do they fire your imagination……one of our case studies Tania is a belly-dancing enthusiast, a fabulous De-Stress exercise link. Check our Move Resources section for ideas and options link.
  • If there is nothing local, think about alternatives that are online or DVD. There are a whole host of options out there now and dancing round your living room is definitely one of them!

Why:  You cannot reach your health and weight goals without regular movement as part of your everyday life. Sometimes finding what really suits you for natural, not stressful motivation can take some time and experimenting, but stick with it as your “ah-ha” moment will come.


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