WEEK FIVE – Lifestyle Check
DAY 30 – Is a further detox right for me?

Tip:  You’ll have seen the possibilities for adding in extra measures to increase detoxification capacity at this time, on page 81 in the 6 Week Plan chapter of The De-Stress Diet. All of the positive changes you have been making – in your diet, movement and lifestyle – support optimal detoxification in the liver and all of your cells. However if these pathways have been struggling before, due to stress, sugar, alcohol, junk foods, poor breathing patterns, medications and lack of movement adding up over the years, you may be feeling the effects of liberating more toxins and addressing a build-up.

How:  Here at De-Stress Your Life we advocate building up your liver detoxification pathways slowly and gradually through the measures that support these to best function, but releasing toxins more quickly than an overburdened system can deal with. This can tend to show as headaches, aches, irritability, fatigue, sensitivities and skin break-outs as toxins circulate back round the body when the liver can’t process them quickly enough. There is always an inevitable amount of this happening when we clean up our diets and increase activities which make detoxification more efficient. It is important to not push this too much, too soon if your body is not ready but slowly, steadily to avoid causing harm.

So when considering whether to up the ante and add in specific detox measures like those mentioned on page 81, look at the following considerations:

  • Have you been having plenty of the liver-supporting foods on page 60?
  • This may be a good move if sleep is remaining an issue. Our liver detoxifies what the day has thrown up during the night, believed by naturopaths to be most intense between 1am and 3am. If we are feeling a tad toxic, this can come out as night sweats or waking during this time.
  • Have you been feeling better with the changes you have made, but still feeling some of the symptoms of detoxification listed above? If so, be happy with everything you’re doing and give your body some time to catch up with any toxic backlog.
  • If you have been taking the liver support supplements outlined on page 68, fully reducing sugar and addressing stress by regular movement and active relaxation, you may be ready to add in the extra measures on page 81.
  • If you are planning to do an extra detox, ensure this is over a time with little stress, few emotional demands and the time and space to look after yourself gently if you feel any further effects.
  • If you are still struggling with sugar cravings and/or have stresses going on in life that are out of your control, don’t give yourself an unnecessary hard time and concentrate on how to deal with these. Ultimately, that will be more supportive to your detoxification and health.

Why:  If you have scored high on previous Stress Quizzes and particularly seen high symptoms in Stressed & Sore, Stressed & Bloated and Stressed & Hormonal Stress Suits (chapter 2 of The De-Stress Diet), then 3 weeks is a relatively short time to start addressing potential long-term toxicity. Trying to ‘fix things’ all at once takes us back to the stressed mentality that contributed to all these symptoms in the first place. This is for long-term and you need to be able to feel when your body is ready for more, not when what is needs is recovery and building up detoxification capacity gradually. You can come back to these measures at any time, not necessarily in the next 3 weeks, but maybe in the next 3 or 6 months.


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