WEEK 5 – Lifestyle Check
DAY 29 – Have a posture check

Tip:  Abdominal muscles are home to important metabolic processes.  If they’re not toned from slumping during the day, your digestion may suffer causing weight gain.  Good posture has so many benefits, it’s worth checking yours often.

How:  Good posture is not holding in the tummy and jutting out the chest which he says, only creates more tension.  ‘Find your sit bones,’ says leading Alexander Technique teacher Noel Kingsley Free Yourself from Back Pain: A guide to the Alexander Technique (Kyle Cathie 2011).  Locate them by pulling out the fleshy bits of your bum and feeling for two bony bits. ‘Now balance your torso on these. Come forward from the back of your chair so feet are hip width apart and flat. Now think ‘tall’ and that will naturally extend the body and restore the healthy inward curve of the lower spine,’ says Kingsley. Also revisit our guidelines in chapter 11 of The De-Stress Diet.

Why:  If you’re tired all the time, your posture could be to blame, says Kingsley.  ‘First, being tense in the head, neck and shoulders causes people to burn up more energy than they need.  Second, slumping puts pressure on the diaphragm so you don’t take enough energising oxygen and on the digestive system so you’re not absorbing nutrients from your food properly’.   Now that you have been doing the yoga sequences and strength exercises from The De-Stress Diet along with more walking, your musculature and posture will have gone through some initial realignment pains and you might see where you are holding habitual tension and niggling issues clearly. This might be the time to consider visiting an osteopath. Find a good one at www.osteopathy.org.uk


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