WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change
DAY 28 – Bitter & Sour Tastes

Tip:  Check in with your taste buds to see what you are enjoying at this stage of The De-Stress Diet. Reducing the sweet foods in your diet can soon have you finding sugary things rather sickly and this often comes with an appreciation of more subtle and interesting flavours. For instance the Bitter Foods on page 60 of the book may seem more appealing; these are the tastes that our digestion and appetite regulation respond to in the most healthy way.

How:  Using the Progress Charts, see how often you are including bitter, sour and tart foods and if these are tastes you look to include as a well-rounded palette inclusion for every meal. Starting the day with lemon juice in hot water helps set your preferences away from just sugar, salt and fat. See out some bitter leaves to add to your salads, olives as snacks and choose a tart over a sweeter apple.

Why:  Ensuring your taste buds aren’t just exposed to sugar, salt and fat tastes can help keep you from simply craving these foods. They can dull and limit our palette, leaving us feeling that subtle tastes like vegetables are ‘boring’ or bitter tastes like watercress are too sharp. As bitter tastes are signs that foods can encourage digestive action, this is particularly important if seeing symptoms of Stressed & Bloated or Stressed & Sore.


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