WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change
DAY 27 – Keep pacing your workouts

Tip:  You’ll find while following The De-Stress Diet that your energy levels will be swinging back up at this point. It’s important to stick with the plan and keep the recovery days in your programme.

How:  Follow the guidelines in The De-Stress Diet on rest and recovery, rereading from page 179 when you need to remember why. Also check in with the table Listening To Your Body on page 182 when you stress levels get high and you may need to adapt your exercise regime to ensure you are not wearing yourself down.

Why:  Research and years of athlete experience proves that recovery days are just as important as your workout days; even elite Olympic athletes have days off and so should you.  Just because you are feeling much better doesn’t mean you fall back in to pushing to your absolute limits. You’ll end up back where you started when you are working on keeping the good energy on a regular basis.


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