WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change
DAY 26 – Breaking cycles of addiction

Tip:  By now you may have identified the areas in your eating or lifestyle that may represent trouble spots in terms of food or other addictions.  Seeking help for these can make all the difference to a Slim and Calm future.

How:  Hypnotherapy is a useful tool if you’re looking for ways to break habitual patterns of emotional eating and food addictions that could be causing you to play out the same habits and impulses whenever chronic stress strikes.  It can help you find ways to ‘feel’ your stress rather than fear it, help your subconscious mind let go of patterns that may keep you going round in circles and affirm to you that with the right diet and lifestyle, you can help yourself feel better long term. A course in therapy (see below) can help you understand the coping patterns that have taken many years to develop in you that perhaps originate in cultural assumptions you have been brought up with.  It can help you identify, challenge and ultimately overcome any coping patterns that are making you unhappy or that you feel are stopping you fulfilling your potential.

Why: Hypnotherapy, along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), have been shown to help addictive patterns of overeating that may be stemming from your stress levels.  They work in various ways to help you let go off ingrained, sometimes unconscious behavioural patterns and be a great De-Stress tool.  Find a CBT therapist at www.bacp.org.uk  or a hypnotherapist at www.bsch.org.uk. Or try the ‘Changing Eating Behaviours’ with Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert, Dr Kerry Halliday available from the De-Stress Your Life shop.


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