WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change
DAY 24 – Keeping yourself motivated to move

Tip:  come back to these considerations any time you feel your exercise and movement habits slipping away:

  • Choose an activity you love – check your Day 20 tip for reasons
  • Workout at a time of day that works for you – you’ll know what it is
  • Participate in group activities if you enjoy company and support
  • Pick a venue which is close to you, this helps you keep going
  • Have one or two workout buddies who you can schedule workouts with or even call on with short notice to go for a session
  • Have workout clothes and shoes in the office in case the mood takes you to workout in the office or go out for a walk at lunch

How:  Most items listed above take some planning.  Plan activities, phone workout buddies and chat about when, what and where, take the clothes in to work.

Why:  Do them ahead of time when you feel like it and you’ll stay on track because you have put the strategies in place.


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