WEEK 4 – Moving to Part 2 – True Change
DAY 23 – Your Personalised Reflection Plan

Tip:  Check the articles Barriers to Changing Eating Habits and Barriers to Regular Exercise to identify areas where you might be seeing a little resistance holding you back from really fulfilling your optimum potential in Phase Two.

How:  As well as using the De-Stress Journal in the tools section (and page 80 of The De-Stress Diet), in the next three weeks you can start tweaking the questions you ask yourself in your journal based on your needs, habits and quirks. This is where the Know Yourself part of the 10 De-Stress Principles comes in (page xviii of the Intro) and you can truly prioritise where you need to chart your foibles and shaky areas. Start to make your own personalised Reflective Practise list to help steer you back round further down the line when you might be feeling less reflective and need help.

Why:  We are all human, can get caught up in the tide of life and lose track of how good we feel when we do the things we need rather than just succumb to the things we want. Whilst you are in this reflective mood, you can tell your future stressed self that going for a walk or having that healthy meal really did improve energy, mood and your ability to cope.


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