WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need
DAY 20 – Do what you love and you will stick with it

Tip: Find the exercise habits and movements that seem most natural to you and you won’t create stress trying to make yourself keep them up.

How:  Choose activities that you are really passionate about.  They may make you laugh, set off your natural drive, keep you in the moment when you are doing them or inspire a real feeling of health and vitality during and after. Charlene says ‘my example is rollerblading outside. I feel like everything else falls away. It feels great and makes me breathe deeper breaths than anything else.’ Charlotte feels the same way about yoga and walking.  You will know when this happens.  It may take some experimenting but be brave and try new things.  There are so many wonderful movements to choose from: walking; swimming; cycling; weight training; dance classes (Zumba is very popular at the moment)….the list is endless.

Why: You are more likely to continue an activity you like or love than one you dread.  It’s that simple.


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