WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need
DAY 18 – Living in the Real World

Tip: Avoiding situations where the foods that previously had you in their grip is one thing, but not the ultimate answer. The De-Stress Diet aims for you to be able to exist around these foods and not feel that they have any power over you.

How: Now you are moving towards the beginning of Phase 2 where you can allow yourself to choose the odd quality treat, you know that life doesn’t need to be about deprivation, so hold tight in the face of that office birthday, cinema ice-cream counter, the brimming sweet cupboard at the relative’s house or the pushy friend who’s jealous of your success and ask yourself:

  1. Do I want that cake/biscuit/ice cream more than I want to feel in control, healthy, slim, calm and free from guilt and conflict?
  2. Does it taste so good that it’s worth throwing away all my good work?
  3. If I am going to start treating myself next week, is this the best high-quality, favourite treat that I would choose?

If the answer to all or any of these is yes, then this might just be the treat you need in a really small dose, but before you indulge, check that you’re absolutely sure it’s not just a quick-fix, knee-jerk reaction that you might be beating yourself up about later……learning to be in these situations and cope

Why: part of The De-Stress Diet is changing your habits and stress reactions so you can become more reflective and less impulsive around the sugary, junk foods that are continually offering temptation all around us.

More info:

  • If this is really hard, come back to the Progress Charts to identify areas where you might need to step up awareness, like breakfast, snack and drinks.
  • The De-Stress Sugar Cravings Expert Chat podcast can help remind you of some tips
  • Revisit the tips on days 4, 9, 11, 14 and 16 for tools to help you cope


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