WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need
Day 17 – Take your iPod for a walk

Tip:  Four in ten Brits planned to exercise more in 2009, with walking outdoors the most popular keep-fit option.  Now, researchers have found that walkers who listened to sparky tunes were active 15 per cent longer than those stepping in silence.  When the song’s pace was around 125 beats per minute they reported more enjoyment.  Think of tunes like Madonna “Like a Prayer” or Salt-n-Pepa “Push it” or even David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”.

How:  This can be a chance to remember tunes that made you feel good or discover new ones at this tempo that is naturally uplifting and immediately raises those feel-good beta-endorphins. All good for motivation and getting lost in the song whilst you move, here’s how:

  • itunes lists a few specific workout albums with songs of 125bpm
  • Check out website http://www.runhundred.com/category/bpm/110-129/  lists music by their tempo (beats per minute), decade, or genre. 
  • You can then link back to amazon or itunes to get the songs. Clever!

Why:  In The De-Stress Diet we do promote enjoying the sounds of nature while exercising outside helping you to connect and bring stress hormones down.  Sometimes however, you may feel the need for a pick me up in the form of a beta-endorphin lift.  The point is you don’t have to do things just one way, use your intuition to gauge whether your body needs some calming with stillness, some feel-good upbeat tunes or help from soothing rhythms to help a busy brain to switch-off.  You could try warming up without music to prepare yourself for working out, use music for the body of the workout then turn the music off for your cool-down to help calm.

You may know by now that here at the De-Stress Diet, whether it’s raining, snowing, sunny or freezing, up a mountain or along an urban street – and however stressed, cranky or undervalued we’re feeling when we embark on it – we have never met an outdoor walk that didn’t make us feel better afterwards.


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