WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need
DAY 16 – Quick De-Stress Triggers

Tip:  Stick red dots on key objects and places around you that you can’t help seeing every so often as conscious reminders to De-Stress and come back to feeling what you need.

How:  Identify circumstances and places where you might  feel stress rising in life – eg near the front door as you leave for work, your desk, the fridge – and also places you gaze at often and could take a natural breath break near – eg the bathroom mirror or by the kettle. You can put dots anywhere you feel they may help break the association with tensing up and replace it with a trigger to release and let go. Every time you see a dot take a deep breath or two (even the full 10 Deep Breaths in Chapter 11 of The De-Stress Diet) and relax your face, jaw and shoulders. The dots can be red or any other bright colour that appeal to you and draws your eye. They are found in any good stationery store.

Why:  This exercise can help not only trigger automatic and habitual natural De-Stress patterns but also help you identify where you can tend to get stressed and how you might change that.


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