WEEK 3 – Understanding What You Need
DAY 15 – Remember to journal

Tip:  One of the best things you can do for your six week plan is get into the habit of recording what you eat – repeated studies show this helps dieters eat less. This isn’t about counting calories but instead about becoming familiar with the times, situations, people and places that might lead you to reach for less healthy food and pastimes and those that inspire you and make you feel slim, calm and happy on your De-Stress Diet journey.

How:  At the back of The De-Stress Diet and in the tools section link, we have given you tools for recording your food intake.  But if pen and paper no longer cut it for you, My Fitness Pal, an iPhone App is a great tool for recoding what you have eaten as well as MyNetDiary, if you’re the iPad type.  They’re both from iTunes.

Why:  You may remember from Chapter One, the secret to self-control isn’t will power it’s channelling the power of your reflective self to help you make healthier choices. Your reflective self thrives when you are relaxed, inspired and not pressed by stress and deadlines. Journalling your food intake helps you tap – even if for the shortest time – into this reflective self and see on paper the results of your choices each day.  When you’re mentally tired and stressed, one of the reasons you may reach for more unhealthy fare is that your impulsive self – the how to put it, naughtier side of your self-control system – is taking over, you just want.  The simple conclusion, the more calm and relaxed you can stay in the face of stress, the more your reflective self can thrive and help you make healthier choices.  Journalling helps this system.


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