WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings  
DAY 14 – Proper Refuelling

Tip: two weeks in to The De-Stress Diet is a good time to check in and evaluate if you are eating regular meals and feeling the effects by seeing regular snacking habits lessen.

How: on The De-Stress Diet we encourage heartier meals so that the need for snacking diminishes; you give your digestion a break encourage weight loss. Remember that including protein with each meal helps sustain blood sugar levels and energy between. If at this stage you are still struggling with how to make this a reality, consider the following pointers:

  • If you’re still snacking, that may be a barrier to having a bigger meal and you might need to allow yourself to get a little hungry to prompt a healthier appetite at the right time. Check if you are eating when you really need or in response to stress, habit or lingering cravings that are ironically due to smaller meals.
  • If breakfast – and including protein – is still an issue, revisit A Breakfast Revolution, Chapter 5 in The De-Stress Diet, especially the Troubleshooting Tips. Try and get used to preparing a savoury breakfast the night before with dinner and have a heartier breakfast ceremony at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Prioritise making time for lunch and even set an alarm if you have a really entrenched habit of just working through and getting caught up with deadlines and what everybody else is doing. Remember that you will be more focussed and efficient when your brain is properly fuelled, it’s a false economy to skip it!

Why: Skipping meals tells the body that (rightly or wrongly) that there is not enough food available to you. We have a very efficient survival mechanism that then kicks in and slows down the metabolism to conserve energy. You are not in a famine situation so it is best to remind your body that it is safe and doesn’t need to ‘go slow’. If you have calorie-restricted or skipped meals for long periods of time, convincing your body of this change may take longer.


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