WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings  
Day 13 – Just Half An Hour…

Tip:  Walk, jog, swim or cycle for 30 minutes.  This can be broken in to 3 – 10 minute blocks throughout the day if doing all 30 minutes at once is unrealistic with your schedule or fitness level at the beginning.

How:  Slot in times in your diary for each of the ten minutes blocks or for a longer session of thirty in the day.  Setting a time in this way makes people more prone to actually doing the activities.  Guard these slots closely and make them a priority as they are time for you. 

Why: Experts like Professor Keedwell of the Institute of Psychiatry, London say 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can boost your mood.  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) list in their health and fitness guidelines the benefits of doing either shorter ten minute blocks or longer 30 minute sessions.  However you achieve your total half an hour, the same outcomes are proven in research and you will soon feel the De-Stress benefits.


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