WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings  
DAY 12 – Fake confidence

Tip:  ‘It’s a myth that most people are confident,’ says psychologist Dr Rob Yeung, author of book Confidence: What most confident people know, say and do (Prentice Hall Life £5.99).  Use this tip to help you steal their secrets. Clinical research shows that you can improve your confidence by preparing a short list of positive phrases to repeat to yourself before you go into challenging situations such as a party or job interview.

How:  Make sure any phrases you use are based on truth.  For example, you might say to yourself, ‘I rationally know I am stronger than I feel,’ and ‘I am prepared, I have the experience and the skill, it makes sense that I can make it a success.’ This can work wonders.

Why: This is particularly helpful if low self-esteem or lack of confidence is sending you towards the foods and habits that you have become used to turning to for comfort as negative coping patterns. These can be moments when we react to people, events or situations that simply press our buttons, so have your affirming personal statements at the ready.


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