WEEK 2 – Accepting the Cravings 
Day 10 – Reset your brain to want to move and exercise

Tip:  Use this fitness affirmation every day to reinforce the benefits of your exercise;

“My body moves well and responds positively to all movements.”

How:  Write this affirmation on a slip of paper and tack to your fridge or bathroom mirror.  Or have it as an icon on your computer screen.  Also set it as a reminder in your electronic diary so it pops up at you when you least expect it!  Say this to yourself in the morning or just before your workout ten times.  This can be out loud or in your head.

Why:  Affirmations, when said enough times help to set new neural pathways in the brain. This doesn’t just work as a suggestion when said, but it is possible to recondition your thought patterns to believe this. Since it is a true statement, you will have the physical reward of feeling great to reinforce your new behaviour patterns, especially if you are exercising in a way that you like. This is how new lifestyle habits can be set for life and can be applied to any new pattern you want to reinforce.

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