WEEK 1 – Welcome to Your De-Stress Journey
DAY 1 – Making It All Stick

Tip:  So, you’ve resolved to begin your De-Stress 6 Week Plan. Here is some advice from the world’s leading life coaches to keep your motivation on the up.

How:   Learning to not create more stress for yourself is an important part of The De-Stress Diet philosophy, these simple, but wise words can help:

  1. Think big, do small  – ‘Think of long-term goals, but commit to small day-to-day changes,’ says personal development expert Nicola Cook, author of A New You (Pearson 2008).  ‘If you need to lose weight, focus on one kilo; one workout at a time. If you need to rebuild your relationship, do one small thing to re-connect with your partner daily.’
  2. Have a planning strategy – One in three women wants a quick body fix, but not planning could set you up for failure.   Research from Columbia University in New York City found that ‘mental contrasting’ was the best way to stick to small daily changes, such as exercise. Take a pen each night before bed and briefly write down the way you want to change your behaviour the next day.  For example, ‘doing a morning workout’. List the best possible outcome of this change, for example, ‘a better mood all day and glowing skin’.  Then, imagine something getting in the way and how you will deal with it. For example, ‘If I sleep through the alarm, I’ll do a workout at lunchtime.’  Women who did this for four months managed double the amount of exercise than those who didn’t!
  3. Visualise the perfect you  – ‘Close your eyes and imagine what a super-confident you would look like walking into your local pub, or going from car park to the office,’ suggests TV mind coach Jamil Qureshi.  ‘What are you wearing?  What does your hair look like?  Picture this every night before bed.  Once you’ve seen it enough, you begin to act ‘as if’ it’s true.  In time, you’ll believe it.’
  4. Manage your failures – ‘If you fall off the wagon, don’t blame life or the economy or your mother,’ says A-list Hollywood life coach Gary Quinn.  ‘Just make the choice to start again without berating yourself.  Take your journal and write down the reasons it happened, learn from them and move on.  Life isn’t about never falling, it’s about how we get back up again – and again.’
  5. Get support – ‘Enlist the help of people you live with, your colleagues, a close friend or partner,’ advises Pete Cohen, GMTV life coach and author of Sort Your Life Out (Rodale 2009).  ‘By sharing your aims, you’ll also be making a stronger commitment to your goal.’

Why:   Because life happens and De-Stress is about helping yourself enjoy it, not expecting the stress to go away.


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