Body Kindness through Food

Self-care and kindness can often come most obviously through food, but is not always the simplest or the most wanted route when we’re tired or feeling agitated or low. When we look back over a few days’ or weeks’ habits … Continued

Roast Salmon with Horseradish Crème Fraiche and Beetroot Salad

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This lovely recipe can be used any time when we need the full brain-body satisfaction of the tastes (particularly from citrus flavours) and healthy fats that can make resisting sugar cravings much easier. Beetroot, watercress and the omega 3 oils … Continued

Date & Nut Balls recipe

Whilst it is best to avoid overly sweet foods as much as possible, having some sweet treats occasionally can stop us turning to the less healthy kind as knee jerk reactions when stress hits. Sweet snacks that support rather than … Continued

Rosemary and Lemon Chops

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This is a lovely alternative to a roast dinner to avoid lots of starchy potatoes and parsnips, with the baked sweet potato providing some beta carotene goodness as a treat. A great way to take the De-Stress principles into favourite … Continued

Warming Fish Parcels

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A fabulously simple way of cooking fish that incorporates great sulphur providing garlic, leek and fennel for cleansing and rebuilding tissues. You can prepare more of these than you might eat in one sitting and stick some ready-made parcels in … Continued