Raising DHEA for natural stress adaptation

Enhance your body’s natural stress buffer DHEA (deep breath…  Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone made in the adrenal glands, but the job of this crucial substance is not to excite and heighten reactions like the better known adrenal hormones adrenaline and … Continued

Attitudes for Change

What I’ve learnt along the way…. So here are the factors I’ve found work as a framework for guiding dietary change, teaching yoga and approaching many of life’s challenges – all gleaned by experience and talking to clients: The little … Continued

Waking in the night?

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by Charlotte Watts Rest assured (excuse the pun) if you’re one of the many who lurch awake in the wee small hours fresh from the clutches of a nightmare, you are not alone. Around 4am, many are staring into the … Continued


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Visualising Your Way to Calm and Confident Try this visualisation to help you become more calm and confident in your daily life. To prepare, close your eyes and relax your body fully, breathing through your nose in a fully comfortable … Continued

The science of hair

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How linked do you feel to our more hirsute animal relatives? Along with four-chambered hearts, warm blood and producing milk to nourish our offspring, we humans are linked to all of our mammalian cousins by the presence of a covering … Continued