Barriers to regular exercise

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The De-Stress Diet Trouble Shooting Special “I don’t have any time to exercise.” Pull out your diary and take a serious look at your week. Where are there gaps? Where can you make time? Who can help you make time? … Continued

Wall Slide

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Setup: back against a wall, with hips, mid and upper backs touching feet out from wall about a foot, knees slightly bent take arms up as in photo 1, backs of forearms and hands touching wall only have head against … Continued

Wall Press-ups

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Setup: hands against wall, wider than shoulder width and just below shoulders (see photo) feet away from wall about 1-2 feet shoulder blades retracted towards spine and depressed down away from ears abdominal muscles holding gently Breathing/movement: breathe in as … Continued


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Setup: • Standing with feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells or water bottles in hands (photo 1) Breathing/movement: • Breathe in as you ease down into a squat position (photo 2) • Breathe out as you stand up to a good … Continued