Yoga and Anxiety

First published in What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine. Anxiety is a common feature in life for many. The agitated, fearful and overwhelming sensations that it brings can ripple through our lives with devastating effect. For those who tend towards … Continued

Yoga for the Psoas – Healthy Lower Back and Emotional Opening

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The psoas muscle that allows us to stand proudly upright, is located deep within the front hip joint and lower spine. As a potential source of lower back and hip pain, to simply view its involvement in a mechanistic way … Continued

Why we need to keep moving

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We are not designed to be sedentary…. by Charlotte Watts Exercise is fundamental for our immune systems, regulation of cholesterol, blood pressure, heart function, mental function, management of stress hormones etc. The “etc” here really does mean everything that your … Continued

Walking back to happiness

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Our Most Natural Movement by Charlotte Watts Walking is the best way to improve lower body, reproductive and digestive circulation; in fact any activity that moves the whole body around is beneficial, although cycling can restrict the pelvic area. Physiologically … Continued