Vegetarian 7 Day Meal Plan for The De-Stress Effect

Here are some meals for vegetarians to throw together simply and easily as you go along your health journey. These are suggestions that can be modified, explored and play around with to suit your tastes, lifestyle and personal circumstances – … Continued

De-Stress Recipes Directory

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I will keep adding to these convenient, satisfying and tasty recipes to support the nutritional recommendations discussed in The De-Stress Effect and with my individual clients. Enjoy! Egg and broccoli stir-fry Warming Fish Parcels Green leafy ginger and cashew stir-fry Rosemary … Continued

Prioritising Nourishment

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Barriers to changing eating habits Getting into your stride of shopping, preparing and eating food is laying down good foundations to feel you’re treating yourself with best care. Looking at a few choice phrases that we put in the way … Continued

Alcohol – what does moderation mean?

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The Quality Not Quantity Approach With alcohol consumption above the moderate, a depletion of B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C and other essential nutrients occurs. We often see people with deficiency symptoms of these nutrients that can be linked at least … Continued

A nation of drinkers

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A National Pastime? by Charlotte Watts We all know the reputation that the British have for excessive drinking to the point of very extreme behaviour. Hardly the continental image of the gourmet meal with a fine wine, and even though … Continued