Are you feeling drained, bloated, agitated or just plain unable to cope?

glasses by computerI help people like me – with busy lives and quick brains who often find it difficult to switch off. Modern life and our ‘fixing and doing’ drive can be rewarding and motivate us to succeed but often leave us burnt out and with little energy, space and time for recovery. It is my job to take people through periods of change.

I run several businesses, write books, work odd hours, commute and have a child. I became a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher through a route of exploration after hitting my own exhaustion point and experiencing digestive, sleep and anxiety issues, with knee-jerk reactions to stress and poor connection with my body and mind. I still have the demands but now inherently know the importance of looking after myself, what suits me and how to manage my energy. Most importantly, when I don’t always do it, I know not to give myself a hard time!

tired on sofaIt is my passion and skill to help you do the same; within your personal circumstances and through what suits you. I am consistently fascinated by the diversity and endless differences in people’s lives but also where we all tick and have similar needs. The individual ways people’s bodies show up stress and imbalance is so individual and this is where the consultation process can be most effective; finding the best personal recovery and maintenance for you.

Are you looking for balance in life?

I’ve worked with lawyers, designers, bankers, doctors, complementary therapists (including other nutritionists), PR consultants, social workers, journalists, TV executives, actors and artists to name a few – all professionals who have seen that the very passion and drive that made them successful has tired them out and locked them into constant ‘future-driven’ mode.

iStock_000009884233LargeYou may fear that you will crash if you stop or maybe you’ve reached that tipping point already? You could be seeing a steady attrition of health – ever-increasing body and mind symptoms that show up worst when the stress hits. Very often I see clients where an event such as grief, divorce, redundancy, house move, having children or illness has been the tipping point where previous coping mechanisms are stretched to their limits and their bodies are showing symptoms of poor adaptation and depleted resources. If this is you, I can help.

You may enjoy what you do (or are ready for change?) but inherently know that the dietary and lifestyle habits you have in place are not supporting your life in and away from work. In fact you can often see these fall into self-destructive areas that create vicious cycles and less and less ability to cope……..if you seem caught in a trap of cravings, reliance on stimulants and confusion around food, you are not alone.

Paying attention to what you personally need on a daily basis can produce profound change and improved quality of life. Building that up in a way that allows progression without feeling that changes ‘are yet another thing to do’ is a key part of how I work with clients. What you do needs to feel right for you.

beautiful fruitCan I help you?

  • Food, movement, connection and relaxation need to feel natural and bring you joy.
  • Finding the place where you can live the life that feels rewarding and motivating to you, without burning out is what we can explore.

With over 10 years in nutritional therapy practice and as an experienced yoga teacher, I work with you to find the right combination of diet and lifestyle change – realistically, practically and with an emphasis on mindfulness within daily life. As author of The De-Stress Effect I have explored and researched how to best cope with and enjoy the  demands of 21st century living. This is why I include a free copy of the book with every consultation and provide a full support programme where you are able to ask questions along every step of the way.

laying with liftHow I work

You’ll find an in-depth description of the consultation process at the page What Happens in a Consultation?

As well as nutritional advice on what to eat (and when), I bring in aspects of breathing awareness, mindfulness, relaxation, posture, yoga and natural movement in whatever combination we discuss and decide is right for you. From a consultation, as well as a copy of The De-Stress Effect you will receive:

  • Breathing exercise audios
  • Yoga & Strength Training videos
  • Progress Charts for dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Mindfulness resources

happy woman garlic bulbThis integrated approach allows me a truly holistic approach to issues with:

  • Digestion
  • Skin
  • Mind and mood
  • Nervous system
  • Energy systems
  • Hormonal balance
  • Relaxation mechanisms and sleep
  • Immunity
  • Weight management

Personal information will be recorded for you to build up a portfolio of the health measures that make you feel better, inspire you to change and encourage self-compassion. You can then feel easily motivated to implement them for life and always know which actions can guide you back round and support you when the going gets tough!

reaching handsTo help you explore how I can help further:

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  • Step 3: If the test shows we are compatible (or you just like what you read here), book in your FREE 15 minute chat here and we can discuss how I can help you specifically – especially if you have health complaints you want to address.
  • I see clients in London (Moorgate), Brighton and by phone.
  • Info on pricing at Nutrition Consultations & Health Coaching Packages.