How to Create a Happy Relationship with Food

Our relationships with what we put into our mouths – and therefore our bodies – is set from a young age. Many of us may be able to trace back some more obvious links (like being drawn to biscuits for … Continued

Hip Openers for Lower Back Pain

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Research shows that around 75-85 percent of the American population experience back pain in their lives (Neurol Clin.,2007;25(2):353-7). Contrary to much investigation into inflammation (such as arthritis) and more serious conditions, most of the root cause is understood to be … Continued

How to Maintain Mood Levels

Happy, regulated mood is where life can feel most calm, easy and enjoyable. Yet many often feel in the grip of a rollercoaster rise of emotions, inner criticism, worry and self-doubt. These can include periods of low mood that can … Continued

Yoga for Belly Health

•          Hunching or slouching puts pressure on the digestive organs with little opportunity for stretching or twisting them. •          Any simple opening and stretching of the front body (with progressive strengthening of the back to support in asanas) makes more … Continued

How to Make a Resolution Stick Without Stress – The Five Stages of Change

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We are always going through phases of change, whether we notice them as substantial or not. This January one can often seem like the motherload though, with high expectations and suggestions coming at us from all angles…. whether it’s giving … Continued

Body Kindness through Food

Self-care and kindness can often come most obviously through food, but is not always the simplest or the most wanted route when we’re tired or feeling agitated or low. When we look back over a few days’ or weeks’ habits … Continued

De-Stress Yoga: Your Core Starts at Your Feet

Your Core is Not Just Your Abs There’s lots of talk of core strength and core stability and even equating particular yoga postures and practices to ‘core work’.  It’s interesting then to notice that this is a very modern phenomenon … Continued

8 Ways to Take Smart Breaks

In my consultancy, I have the opportunity to discuss the intricacies of the working day with many clients. As I specialise in burnout, fatigue, anxiety and other stress-related conditions, this is often with those with high demand jobs who struggle … Continued

Exercises for Cross-Lateral Connectivity

Strengthening brain and body responses If you’ve ever tried patting your head with one hand, whilst rubbing circles on your belly with the other, you’ll have experienced cross-lateral (CL) connectivity. The nervous communication that is in play for you to … Continued

Food Focus: Sesame Seeds & Tahini

Did you know… Tahini is mentioned as an ingredient in hummus in the 13th century Arabic cookbook, Kitab Wasf al-Atima al-Mutada. Tahini is a fantastic way to eat large quantities of the highly beneficial and therapeutic sesame seed. Sesame seeds … Continued

Five Quick Desk Energisers

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5 Natural (and free) at-your-desk Energisers – body tricks to stop you turning to the sugar and caffeine When we’re locked into work mode with deadlines and overload, even a quick break may seem impossible. It’s important to get up … Continued

Om Magazine Article: Fluidity and Rigidity – Continuum Balance

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As with so many things in life, yoga is a constant dance of where we can find balance, where we can listen, where we can respond and find a path through the middle that feels neither overworking nor underworking. If … Continued

Yoga for Core Stability and Lower Back Health

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First published in What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine. With lower back pain and other posture-related issues on the rise, many people are being advised to tone up their core as a therapeutic or preventative measure. For many this translates … Continued

De-Stress – Yoga Off the Mat – How Yoga Can Help Anxiety

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How Yoga Can Help Anxiety Anxiety is a common feature in life for many. The agitated, fearful and overwhelming sensations that it brings can ripple through our lives with devastating effect. Survival mode on constant alert Stress reactions are an important … Continued

Roast Salmon with Horseradish Crème Fraiche and Beetroot Salad

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This lovely recipe can be used any time when we need the full brain-body satisfaction of the tastes (particularly from citrus flavours) and healthy fats that can make resisting sugar cravings much easier. Beetroot, watercress and the omega 3 oils … Continued

Pesto Recipe

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Heavy-metal toxicity is common in our industrialised society, where we are exposed to many toxic elements like mercury, aluminium, nickel and lead.  Our bodies can struggle to eliminate these harmful components, which have been associated with hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, … Continued

Are You Living True to Your Core Values?

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Our core values are the attributes that we see as positive, to which we attach strong beliefs, holding them up as standards for ourselves and others; in behaviour, outlook, action and communication. Identifying those which are really strong for us … Continued

Alkaline Forming Foods

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The acid/alkaline balance of the body must be maintained within certain margins at all times for it to function effectively. A lot of the foods we eat such as meats, fish, dairy products, bread, poultry, eggs, cakes and biscuits are … Continued

The Comparative Protein Content of Plant Foods

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Being vegetarian, vegan or even eating little animal produce for health reasons can still provide us with proteins. The added bonus of receiving your proteins from these sources is that they are more alkalising, contain fibre to help you to … Continued

De-Stress Your Life – Yoga Off the Mat – Let Go of Gritting Your Teeth Through Life

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Are your Gritting your Teeth Through Life? You may have noticed your yoga teacher saying lines like “release your jaw”, “soft jaw” or my personal favourite; “allow space between the back teeth”. I can assure you that these are not … Continued

Date & Nut Balls recipe

Whilst it is best to avoid overly sweet foods as much as possible, having some sweet treats occasionally can stop us turning to the less healthy kind as knee jerk reactions when stress hits. Sweet snacks that support rather than … Continued

How to Choose What You Need Over What You Want

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This article was originally published on Healthista. When we are suddenly confronted with a person, event or feeling that shoots us out of our comfort zone, for many of us the first impulse is to turn to food; often sweet … Continued

The Secrets of Stress Coping are Down in Your Belly

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The article was originally published on Healthista. Your belly isn’t just that place where the food goes and we can stress about its appearance, it’s actually at the centre of all body systems and its health can influence how we … Continued

Yoga and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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First published in What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a debilitating and upsetting condition affecting 10-20% of the UK population at any time – probably more suffering who do not report to their GP. It … Continued

Yoga On & Off the Mat: The Yamas – refining our attitude and energy

Part 1: non-violence and truthfulness When I first started practising yoga nearly twenty years ago, I could immediately feel that the physical aspects of the practice were what my body deeply needed. I was very disconnected with my being neck … Continued

Coming Out of the 4pm Slump

This article was originally published on Healthista. Why you’re so knackered by 4pm – and what to do if you have to keep working It’s a tough time, that 3-6pm window where blood sugar levels, energy resources and often, simple … Continued

Yoga and Anxiety

First published in What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine. Anxiety is a common feature in life for many. The agitated, fearful and overwhelming sensations that it brings can ripple through our lives with devastating effect. For those who tend towards … Continued

Yoga for the Psoas – Healthy Lower Back and Emotional Opening

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The psoas muscle that allows us to stand proudly upright, is located deep within the front hip joint and lower spine. As a potential source of lower back and hip pain, to simply view its involvement in a mechanistic way … Continued

Dry skin brushing

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Dry skin brushing is an easy, quick and pleasurable way to add to your health and as something physical that you can do yourself (or with someone else?) at home, also adds a fantastic De-Stress sense of ‘looking after yourself’. … Continued

Compassion for health and wellbeing

Listening to our hearts “The intimacy that arises in listening and speaking truth is only possible if we can open to the vulnerability of our own hearts. Breathing in, contacting the life that is right here, is our first step. … Continued

Sleep Soundly – help for insomnia

Recovery and restoration We can spend nearly two-thirds of our lives asleep, yet often place less importance on this crucial de-stressing time than our waking hours. Sleep is all about recovery – physical, emotional and energetic. In order to function … Continued

Good Gut Feelings

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Digestion – at the very heart of your health Often said to have the surface area of a tennis court, your digestion is responsible for digestion of foods, absorption and assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste products and toxins. … Continued

Yoga Retreats

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Rejuvenate, relax and de-stress with Charlotte Watts over a weekend in the UK or a week abroad, all at beautiful locations. Your programme will include two daily yoga sessions, alongside options to join a silent walk, nutrition talk and evening … Continued

About me

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I am an award-winning Nutritional Therapist with almost 15 years’ experience and also a 500 hour Yoga Teacher with almost 8 years’ teaching behind me. I have written 5 books, my latest The De-Stress Effect is a practical manual to … Continued

My new book!

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The De-Stress Effect: Rebalance Your Body’s Systems for Vibrant Health and Happiness  by Charlotte Watts (Hay House) out March 2015   FREE MEDITATION ALBUM from Charlotte with preorder >>>see here Link to The De-Stress Effect on Amazon Listen to Charlotte reading the … Continued

Yoga Retreats with Charlotte 2015

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Dedicated Time and Space to De-Stress, Relax, Renew and Connect The word retreat means “time taken to reflect or meditate” and it’s no wonder that spending our holiday time retreating from the world has become so popular. 21st century living … Continued

Raising DHEA for natural stress adaptation

Enhance your body’s natural stress buffer DHEA (deep breath…  Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone made in the adrenal glands, but the job of this crucial substance is not to excite and heighten reactions like the better known adrenal hormones adrenaline and … Continued

Be here now

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Making each moment count by Charlotte Watts The title of this article is a homage to the seminal quote by Ram Dass, formerly Dr Richard Alpert, the Harvard psychology professor who turned his back on Western thinking to become a … Continued

The Cost of Healthy Eating

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GOOD NUTRITION ON A BUDGET The healthiest food is that closest to its natural source and reorganising ourselves to move back to the freshest, prepared-at-home diet can also be cost-effective with a little extra awareness. Cutting cost need not mean … Continued


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Read helpful, realistic and free advice from Charlotte, author of The De-Stress Diet. My most recent book is The De-Stress Diet written with award-winning health journalist Anna Magee. This book is a culmination of my interest in the effect that … Continued

Attitudes for Change

What I’ve learnt along the way…. So here are the factors I’ve found work as a framework for guiding dietary change, teaching yoga and approaching many of life’s challenges – all gleaned by experience and talking to clients: The little … Continued

What is a Healing Yoga Class?

Healing Yoga with Charlotte Watts My own yoga practice began as a result of a strong motivation to recover from the long-term illness that had rendered me unable to experience and enjoy life as I wanted. I had had Chronic … Continued

What is a De-Stress Yoga Class?

Why is this yoga class more ‘De-Stressing’ than others? It’s a known fact that a regular yoga practice helps relieve stress, so why on earth is this class specifically given the title ‘De-Stress’ you might well ask….. Well, it follows … Continued

Vegetarian 7 Day Meal Plan for The De-Stress Effect

Here are some meals for vegetarians to throw together simply and easily as you go along your health journey. These are suggestions that can be modified, explored and play around with to suit your tastes, lifestyle and personal circumstances – … Continued


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All you need is a chair for this complete sequence with Charlotte Watts that cleverly moves your body in the major ways yoga poses cover; a twist, forward bend, backbend, standing pose (with balance component) and inversion. Even a short … Continued

Free Podcasts

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Listen to helpful, realistic and free advice from The De-Stress Diet authors, Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee We recorded these discussions to help add to the content in The De-Stress Diet as part of the Free 6 Week Plan Support; … Continued

Radio interviews

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Talk Radio Europe Kenny Jones interviews Charlotte Watts Kenny interviews Charlotte Watts author of “The De-Stress Diet” on Talk Radio Europe. They talk about stress, the effects it has on us and the strategies we can use to de-stress through … Continued

The De-Stress Diet in the press

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The De-Stress Diet in the Mail on Sunday’s – You Magazine Confessions of a Serial Dieter – by Anna Magee “A fad-diet devotee, health writer Anna Magee reveals how she paid the price for her perfect figure with mood swings, bad … Continued

Testimonials for The De-Stress Effect

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Quotes for The De-Stress Effect: ‘’A great follow-up to The De-Stress Diet.  Full of practical tips and advice, with a focus on mindful eating. Easy to read, powerful information for both your health and your weight.’’ – Dr Marilyn Glenville … Continued

Charlotte Watts on TV

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Charlotte Watts co-author of “The De-Stress Diet” was the nutritionist on GMTV’s summer diet and health month Beach Body Boot Camp for four weeks starting May 17th 2010. “Charlotte’s healthy eating plan was a huge success, with our viewers losing … Continued

Waking in the night?

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by Charlotte Watts Rest assured (excuse the pun) if you’re one of the many who lurch awake in the wee small hours fresh from the clutches of a nightmare, you are not alone. Around 4am, many are staring into the … Continued


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Visualising Your Way to Calm and Confident Try this visualisation to help you become more calm and confident in your daily life. To prepare, close your eyes and relax your body fully, breathing through your nose in a fully comfortable … Continued

The science of hair

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How linked do you feel to our more hirsute animal relatives? Along with four-chambered hearts, warm blood and producing milk to nourish our offspring, we humans are linked to all of our mammalian cousins by the presence of a covering … Continued

Manuka honey

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Manuka honey comes from New Zealand where the art of Apitherapy – using bee products – is strongly represented by the Manuka Bush flowers from which the bees feed. Much research has been done on the potent antibacterial action of … Continued

Make Sleep Count

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Quality over Quantity It is possible that you can spend nearly two-thirds of your life asleep yet many people place less importance on this time than their waking hours. Easy to do, after all we are unconscious, yet the quality … Continued

Me-Time 1 – 5 minutes

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Letting your body and mind know you care. Many of us lead a hectic and busy lifestyle in which we spend most of our time meeting the demands of others. Most people have also heard of the amazing benefits of … Continued

Why we need to keep moving

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We are not designed to be sedentary…. by Charlotte Watts Exercise is fundamental for our immune systems, regulation of cholesterol, blood pressure, heart function, mental function, management of stress hormones etc. The “etc” here really does mean everything that your … Continued

Walking back to happiness

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Our Most Natural Movement by Charlotte Watts Walking is the best way to improve lower body, reproductive and digestive circulation; in fact any activity that moves the whole body around is beneficial, although cycling can restrict the pelvic area. Physiologically … Continued

Keeping muscles healthy

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by Charlotte Watts First featured in NHS Your Choice Magazine May 2009  Your body contains around 650 muscles, most of these are skeletal, holding your bones in place and allowing us to stand upright, but you also need strong muscles … Continued

How much exercise should I do?

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by Charlene Hutsebaut Our fitness expert Charlene Hutsebaut is asked on a regular basis, “How much exercise should I do?”  We cover this in full in Chapter 10 of The De-Stress Diet but here is a quick guide to get … Continued

Choosing a personal trainer

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by Charlene Hutsebaut You have the gym membership or you finally have the motivation to workout somewhere, home or otherwise and you would like a personal trainer.  Choosing one can be very confusing.  There are key areas to look at … Continued

Belly Dancing

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Tania Ahsan – our De-Stress Case Study and author of The Brilliant Book of Calm – shares her jiggling delights with us How did you first become involved in this? I’ve always been interested in belly dance or Raqs Sharqi. … Continued

Barriers to regular exercise

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The De-Stress Diet Trouble Shooting Special “I don’t have any time to exercise.” Pull out your diary and take a serious look at your week. Where are there gaps? Where can you make time? Who can help you make time? … Continued


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Eat Training and finding nutritional therapists: The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) is the professional body for Nutritional Therapists and the best place to search to find a fully qualified and insured practitioner in your area. … Continued

Wall Slide

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Setup: back against a wall, with hips, mid and upper backs touching feet out from wall about a foot, knees slightly bent take arms up as in photo 1, backs of forearms and hands touching wall only have head against … Continued

Wall Press-ups

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Setup: hands against wall, wider than shoulder width and just below shoulders (see photo) feet away from wall about 1-2 feet shoulder blades retracted towards spine and depressed down away from ears abdominal muscles holding gently Breathing/movement: breathe in as … Continued


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Setup: • Standing with feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells or water bottles in hands (photo 1) Breathing/movement: • Breathe in as you ease down into a squat position (photo 2) • Breathe out as you stand up to a good … Continued


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The beautiful bright orange spice turmeric is the powdered root of the turmeric plant, a member of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family. Turmeric is as important a player in the kitchen for therapeutic and preventative health as its close cousin. … Continued


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Spinach contains good levels of many minerals including magnesium, needed for muscle and brain function – this is a macromineral, needed in high amounts from our diets. Magnesium is depleted by stress and low levels can cause anxiety, insomnia and … Continued


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We often associate pineapples with the island of Hawaii, but they only arrived there in the 1700s. It was the Spanish who actually had the good idea of carrying pineapples on long sea voyages to avoid scurvy, a disease caused … Continued


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Garlic’s long-lived use as a medicinal plant across the world is due to its various sulphur compounds, each with slightly differing properties. Garlic is a natural antibacterial, antiparasitic and antifungal so keeps the gut clean and supports the immune system, … Continued


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A native plant of the Pacific, the coconut features in Indian writings from as far back as 2,000 years ago. There has been much debate about this, it so commonly being associated with the image of the Tropics. What is … Continued


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This truly amazing spice is used in many traditional herbal systems, helping to balance blood sugar and reduce the ill-effects of sweet foods, whilst actually tasting sweet. It has long been used to treat high blood pressure and improve circulation … Continued


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The avocado is a true superfood, packed with nutrients that protect and renew fatty areas of the body. It is also an extremely versatile fruit, being not only a fabulous salad ingredient, but also excellent for dips, and as a … Continued


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Almonds are a terrific source of vegetarian protein and fibre, helping to regulate blood sugar and hunger levels, making them a perfect snack for energy, mood, concentration and natural weight control. Almonds contain a good dose of the omega 6 … Continued

Rosemary and Lemon Chops

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This is a lovely alternative to a roast dinner to avoid lots of starchy potatoes and parsnips, with the baked sweet potato providing some beta carotene goodness as a treat. A great way to take the De-Stress principles into favourite … Continued

Warming Fish Parcels

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A fabulously simple way of cooking fish that incorporates great sulphur providing garlic, leek and fennel for cleansing and rebuilding tissues. You can prepare more of these than you might eat in one sitting and stick some ready-made parcels in … Continued

Egg and broccoli stir-fry

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This veggie dish has great protein from the eggs and can be the basis of any stir-fry as outlined in Chapter 10 of The De-Stress Effect. Learn the art of the quick stir-fry and you’ll always feel confident in rustling … Continued

Coconut Chicken Curry Stew

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This dish packs a punch of De-Stress Superfoods and is particularly heating with its host of flavoursome spices. Add in the healthy fats from coconut and it is a wonderful metabolism booster – consider for breakfast! Extra tip: great to … Continued