A nation of drinkers

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A National Pastime? by Charlotte Watts We all know the reputation that the British have for excessive drinking to the point of very extreme behaviour. Hardly the continental image of the gourmet meal with a fine wine, and even though … Continued

The De-Stress Effect Glossary

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This extensive encyclopedia outlining key terms from The De-Stress Effect simply wouldn’t fit into the book without losing valuable content. So here you can access it to help you refer back whenever you need a little help with definitions of … Continued

Props and clothes for yoga

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by Charlotte Watts Props are an important part of a body intelligent yoga practice as they can offer support, resistance and bridge the gap between yourself and the floor when you can’t quite reach. This last point is crucial; if … Continued

Yoga pose directory

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Composition of Yoga Asanas (poses) Each pose has a description broken down into the following sections (when relevant) so we can describe in a to-the-point way that is most easy to readily apply. Approach:  a brief introduction and anything to … Continued

Yoga – Mind within Body

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By Charlotte Watts – first published in NHS Magazine November 2010 When going to a yoga class it is all too easy to simply get caught up in what this can do for us physically, without considering the mental, emotional … Continued

Yoga For Weight Loss

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How can yoga help me lose weight if it is slow and calming? by Charlotte Watts Weight loss is not simply about punishing exercise to burn calories. Our state of health is determined by what we put into our bodies … Continued