yoga1Mindful & Somatic Yoga Workshops with Charlotte Watts

Open, breathe, relax, let go…. These mindful, meditative and deep workshops are suitable for anyone needing to make space and time to breathe deeply, reconnect with their bodies and still their minds. You will experience practical antidotes to the stresses of modern life – from the postural issues of sitting on chairs and hunching over computers to the ‘busy brain’ effects of constant stimulus and psycho-social pressure.

Gentle and opening asanas build up to stronger poses and back down again to a restorative practice; all sequenced to prepare the body for meditation, mantra, pranayama and restorative postures.

Each workshop will have different content and follow a theme to support an aspect of our bodies and minds relevant to the time of year or season. Suitable for all levels and a great complement to a more dynamic practice.

Read my article What is a De-Stress Yoga Class? for more info

For Teachers: these workshops count as Yoga Alliance UK CPD hours as I am a registered Senior Teacher – please get in touch to let me know if you will need proof of attendance. Also see Teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout, and for Fatigue Conditions and Energy Support and Yoga for Digestive Health Workshops

Charlotte’s Yoga for Digestive Health Workshops are also suitable for those interested, who have yoga experience.

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Yoga Bodhi, Bath

Sunday 21st June 2020, 1-4pm

Free Your Neck and Shoulders

  • £30 (Early bird price £25 if booked before 21st April 2020)
  • Held at Yoga Bodhi, 8 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ

Modern living and hunching over desks can have us throwing all our stresses up into our neck and shoulders. This has the effect of tightening our jaw and head and can create tiring and tight breathing patterns. In this workshop we will soften into our whole bodies by freeing this area with depth and compassion. We will then explore how upper body fluidity allows us to nurture both strength and relaxation in different flavours of postures.

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Upcoming Dates in Brighton:

Brighton Natural Health Centre

  • £28 / £25 conc.
  • £5 discount if more than one workshop booked at a time at this venue
  • 27 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL
  • Booking at Brighton Natural Health Centre website or on 01273 600010


2-5pm Sunday May 10th 2020 – Where Stress meets Bellies and Lower Backs

Modern stress patterns and postural habits often have us curling into ourselves and shutting down the fronts of our bodies. This is often felt from the psoas muscle that allows us to stand upright and where tightness and tension can be the cause of many lower back, hip, belly and breathing issues. Here we will explore this deep muscular and emotional channel in a progressively softening, loosening, fluid and opening manner to be felt into release in our whole bodies and minds, allowing easier upright strength and body-mind support.


Visit Charlotte’s info at Brighton Natural Health Centre website to book and for other classes and courses – click here for directions

Bi-monthly Mindful & Somatic Yoga Workshops, Hove

Fridays 10am-12pm, about two a month, see dates and themes below

  • UMEUS Therapeutics on Third, Langford Suites, 8-16 Third Avenue, Hove BN3 2PX
  • 8 spaces maximum as small group focus – please book in advance or text Charlotte on 07776137390 to check if places on the day
  • £15 – book in advance via this link
  • £48 for block booking of four (£12 each) – buy via this link and let Charlotte know which dates you are using for
  • £12 concessions price (low income, retired, benefits etc) – book in advance via this link 
  • £40 concessions block booking of four (£10 each) – buy via this link and let Charlotte know which dates you are using for

A yoga journey to open up the body and soothe the brain and nervous system. Beginning with a meditative, somatic practice, we arrive into the body and meet ourselves where we are. From this grounding, awareness and attunement into our inner landscape, we can then move from the centre in a more integrated way, feeling out what we need moment to moment. So whether the journey through different postures involves floorwork, standing, dynamic or restorative, there is the space and kind attention for each person to move in ways that feel safe, supportive and opening. In this way we can ease open muscles, fascia and posture in a safe and body intelligent way, with an emphasis on the breath and kind, mindful attention.

Specific focus themes for upcoming dates:

  • January 24th – Fascial release for full mind-body ease
  • February 7th – Releasing upper body tension from the ground up
  • February 14th – Self-compassion as a Real and True Bodily Practice
  • March 13th – Smooth Transitions – in body and mind to meet the seasons
  • March 27th – Spring awakening from the Heart
  • April 24th – theme to come
  • May 8th – theme to come
  • May 29th – theme to come
  • June 19th – theme to come
  • July 10th – theme to come
  • July 24th – theme to come

Workshops at The Get Well Show, Olympia, London

21st-23rd February 2020

Saturday 22nd February, 2.15-3.45pm – Yoga and Somatics for Digestive Health

Following the content of her book Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health(Singing Dragon 2018), Charlotte will take you through the key areas where the movement, breathing, mindful attention and philosophy of yoga tie into the digestive health factors of the microbiome, fascia, posture, stress, trauma and more. This includes Somatics, where movement is explorative, fluid and includes rocking and pulsing to move deeply into abdominal tissues. This will be a slow and gentle physical practice, suitable for everyone – you will be encouraged to listen to your own body and needs.

Further details here.

Sunday 23rd February, 11.45am-12.45pm – Yoga and Somatics to help relieve Stress & Burnout

As outlined in her book The De-Stress Effect (Hay House 2015), modern psycho-social stress is difficult to escape and has profound effects on body and mind. As yoga is a system for ‘stilling the mind’, its inherent mindful attention and embodied awareness can help unravel habits of racing mind and holding tension in key areas like the lower back, shoulders and neck. The Somatic component includes rocking and pulsing movements with the breath, that soothe the nervous system and provide a focus for the mind. This will be a slow and gentle physical practice, suitable for everyone – you will be encouraged to listen to your own body and needs.

Further details here.

For more information and tickets to The Get Well Show, click here.

Happy Workshop Attendees have said:

  • ‘Charlotte was amazing – calming and inspiring at the same time. You never realise how little you actually breathe or how much tension you carry around until someone shows you how to release it. This was the first time in a long time I actually felt relaxed. It was fantastic.’ – Isabelle, Marketing Director at Wahanda
  • ‘Thanks Charlotte, for the Saturday workshop; it was wonderful to be so relaxed yet so revitalised from the session. The energy and calmness stayed with me not just for the weekend but for a good time after. I wish every month could start that way…’ – Sam, Steyning
  • ‘I just wanted to write to say how fantastic I thought the workshop was.  The three hours flew by and after the class my back was the least uncomfortable it has been in months.  I also felt incredibly comfortable with your style of teaching.’  – Lara, Brighton
  • ‘What a wonderful workshop …just great, I loved it….the pace is perfect, thanks again.’- Frances, London